Dr. Caroline Hacohen
Educational and Child Psychologist

Years of professional experience  with parents, children and schools

Dr. Caroline Hacohen Psy.D

Jerusalem, Israel
: 052-899-7773



Welcome to my website! 

Do you have concerns about your child's school progress?
Are you worried about his/her social or emotional development?
Are you finding parenting unusually stressful?

I am an experienced educational and school psychologist qualified in Israel and in the UK. I work in Hebrew and English, (and specialize in helping children and
 families after cross-cultural transitions). My work in my private clinic in Jerusalem and Netanya includes: 

  • psycho-educational assessments of learning difficulties, 
  • therapy with children and teens, 
  • parental counseling, 
  • staff guidance to support the needs of newcomers (olim) and to encourage schools to develop their transition resources.

My colleagues include a professional team of educational consultants specializing in transition issues, remedial teachers and special needs evaluators. 

Feel free to browse through these pages to see how we work.




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